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Health Benefits of Masala Chai/Tea

India is the second-largest tea producer in the world and is known for its unique Masala Chai. Masala chai is made using loose, black tea leaves and various essential herbs and spices that are native to India. There is no definite recipe for masala tea; most of them include a base of cardamom and ginger along with a complementary combination of various other spices.

Even though a number of cafés and restaurants have introduced fancy versions of the masala chai, the real recipe of masala tea has its roots in India. The masala tea in Assam includes cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and peppercorns. All these ingredients are brewed along with black tea leaves to make a robust and spicy brew. In western India, flavours of ginger, garlic, pepper and cinnamon are added to teas. Many families in the country also use a pre-ground mix of their tea masalas/spices.

According to folklore, the history of Masala Chai began in an ancient royal court, thousands of years ago. It is said that it was created as a cleansing, unique Ayurvedic beverage by a king. Back in the days, masala chai was made with a variety of spices and prepared in many different methods. It was served either hot or cold as a remedy for a number of mild ailments.


Is Masala Chai/Tea Healthy?

Masala tea is incredibly popular in India, because of its taste and aroma. It is believed that a cup of masala tea can prevent various kinds of illnesses and keep you healthy by increasing immunity. Masala chai is a mixture of several ingredients like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper.


Ingredients of Masala chai


Ingredients of Agamya Masala Tea:

CTC, Assam Black Tea Leaves, Dry Ginger Flakes, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Black Pepper, Fennel

Masala chai traditionally contains some select spices, not every spice gets to be a part of this wonderful beverage. Each spice plays an essential role in defining the overall characteristics of the tea. The following are the benefits of each individual ingredient of Agamya Masala tea


Assam Black Tea Leaves
Assam Black Tea is known for its strong antioxidant properties. The tannins present in tea are also known to help regulate the heart rate and blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.

Dry Ginger Flakes
Ginger is a well known natural, herbal spice used as medicine to help ease headaches and migraines. It is anti-inflammatory in nature. It also helps soothe digestive issues and helps ease nausea.

Cinnamon is a valued spice that is sweet-ish and is well-known for maintaining blood sugar levels, reducing blood pressure, and easing digestion. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects that prevent chronic diseases.

Cardamom has a strong, mint-like yet partly sweet flavour. It is popular worldwide for its role in imparting a unique flavour to recipes and has various health benefits. Green cardamom is known to contain unique compounds that prevent the occurrence of cancer. The role of green cardamom has been established in preventing and fighting mainly skin cancer.

Cloves are tiny aromatic flower buds that are well-known for their unique aroma and pungent strong, yet sweet-ish flavour. Cloves add an unmatchable warmth to masala chai. This is an important ingredient which is responsible for the excellent nutritional value of masala chai. Cloves are an excellent source of Vitamin K and Manganese.

Black Pepper
Black pepper is commonly known as the king of spices. It induces a sharp and spicy flavour in masala chai. It is rich in antioxidants and is a prominent anti-inflammatory agent. Black pepper plays an essential role in reducing many chronic diseases. It is especially believed and extensively used to prevent degenerative brain disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Fennel has a licorice-like taste and plays a part in creating a spice blend that is India's masala chai’s sweetness. It has a source of vitamin C which has strong immune-boosting properties. The Iron and zinc components in fennel help maintain bone health. Fennel also plays an essential role in lowering blood pressure, due to its potassium content that affects the dilation and contraction of blood vessels.


Benefits of masala tea


What Are the Health Benefits of Masala Tea?

1. Reduces Inflammation
Masala chai is made with a variety of spices and ginger is the most prominent one. As a result, masala tea has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Clove is another important spice that is used in masala chai. It is widely used as a painkiller as it can help reduce inflammation.

2. Boosts Immunity
Masala tea is good for building immunity as it contains cinnamon and clove. When used together, these two spices enhance each other's medicinal effect. The synergistic role of these two spices creates a line of defense that prevents infections from weakening the immune system. Another important ingredient used to make masala chai is Fennel. It contains vitamin C, which is a critical water-soluble vitamin that is critical in building immunity.

3. Aids Digestion
All the ingredients used in masala tea, including clove, cinnamon and Ginger flakes actively help in the digestive process. The addition of ginger makes the effect of the tea even more profound. Masala Chai has a refreshing and calming effect on the body. Masala tea also increases the production of saliva, therefore aiding in digestion.

4. Contains Antioxidants
Assam black tea leaves are the basic ingredient of masala tea, which contains powerful anti-oxidizing properties. The use of cloves and black pepper in the drink naturally fights high cholesterol levels. Which in turn, reduces the formation of plaques that cause blockages leading to cardiovascular diseases. The ingredients used in masala tea helps control the blood pressure and heart rate.

5. Increases Your Energy Levels
The basic ingredient of all types of masala chai is black tea, which contains caffeine. It is well known that caffeine naturally boosts one's energy levels. The spices in masala tea work together to balance out any side effects of caffeine. The strong flavor of masala tea along with a dose of caffeine will give you the right kick that you need, to start your day on a positive note.

6. Prevents Bloating
The ingredients in masala tea aid in digestion by preventing excess air or water from being dragged into the stomach. Masala Tea reduces bloating or gassiness. On the other hand, having two cups of masala tea every day can help you cut down a few kilos. Therefore, it is also recommended for weight loss.



How to make masala tea


Masala Chai truly is a healthy and natural drink that you can consume without any side effects.

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