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10 Health Benefits of Honey - Multipurpose ways to use Honey

How good is honey for you? Let’s find out more.


A magic substance which is the product of the hard work of hundreds of bees. The bees travel long distance to select the finest flowers, and transforms the nectar into honey. Honey is a wonderful tasting addition to breakfasts, and food in general. It is a great option for everyone who is trying to stay away from sugar consumption.

Honey can be classified based on the colour, with the clearer varieties considered more expensive. Flavoured honey, which is available today depends on the flowers whose nectar contributed to the making of the honey. Flavoured honey only contributes added taste, smell and value to the original richness of honey.

Honey has been a preferred source of energy for ages. Traditionally, honey has been used as a sweetener because of the rich taste it carries. Honey has elements like a variety of sugars, acids, proteins and other added nutrients in trace values leading to its special qualities in healing.

Honey can be used as a soothing agent to heal wounds and skin infections because it prevents bacterial growth and protects wounds from inflammation. Regular consumption of honey also leads to a spike in immunity and production of anti-oxidants.

Ayurveda, an ancient treatise with medicines and ways to treat, protect and improve life of an individual talks about the many types of honey which are available. The treatise calls the Makshika type of honey to be the most beneficial. Modern science, on the other hand calls the honey made by Apis mellifera to be the best.


Lets explore 10 ways in which honey proves its multipurposeness.


Health Benefits of Honey

1) Honey, the super energy food

The composition of honey makes it easy to absorb when eaten. This means, honey with cold or hot water can work as an instant energy booster. Honey works well with almost all kinds of food, and its addition to desserts brings a unique taste, and boosts of energy when consumed. Amazing right?


2) Honey, the super healer

Honey can help wounds and skin infections heal faster. The low pH, and hydrogen peroxide produced from honey when exposed to air helps wound stay clean, preventing growth of bacteria and inflammation. Honey promotes the growth of new tissues and aids in regeneration of broken, dead or hurt skin cells.

3) Honey, good for gut and digestion!

Honey can help you from getting peptic ulcers and other gastrointestinal issues. Honey will help maintain blood sugar, while water and honey can help sooth colic. Honey is also a good probiotic, it aids in the growth of good bacteria which help the body fight diseases and increase immunity.


4) Honey- A sportsperson’s best friend

Honey is a great source of carbs, whose consumption before, during and after exercise enhances performance and recovery. Honey provides the body wutg carbs needed to prepare it for intensive workouts. It helps maintain blood sugar levels and even acts as a fuel source to keep athletes pumped for performance or workouts.

Honey helps athletes have a constant release of energy throughout the workout, by keeping muscles nourish themselves and delaying tiredness. Post workout ingestion of honey helps numb pain, and prevent muscle aches.

5) Honey replaces sugar!

How often have you found yourself adding an extra spoonful of sugar to your tea to give it that extra sweetness?

Honey is a wonderful replacement to provide nutrition, taste and carbs without the addition of ill effects of excess sugar consumption. This can lead to decreasing risks of blood pressure and sugar level related diseases. The only condition to keep in mind while using it as a replacement of sugar is how much honey are you adding, because honey and sugar have different levels of sweetness and hence need different measurements.

6) Honey for good skin!

Honey can bring hydration to the skin with a soft glow which lights you up. Honey increases water content and can reduce the dryness you might otherwise face. Proper usage of raw honey can smooth out blemishes and help clear skin with regular use.

Honey can be used as an exfoliant when applied to the skin. It can be rubbed onto the skin, and slowly massaged with a wet towel after sometime to retain its gentle exfoliating properties. Honey is even antibacterial and can help in acne control.

Honey can help heal scars and reduce inflammation. To do this, honey can be applied to the affected area, before being rinsed off. Honey can help reduce acne related issues by regulating oil production in the skin.

7) Honey for hair treatment!

Honey can be used to prevent dryness of hair which can cause the shine to die out. Honey aids hair to retain moisture and bring out the lustre your hair deserves. A ripe banana and ripe honey with quarter of olive oil blended together, can help bring shine on a bi or tri monthly use. The mask can be washed off with regular shampoo and water after 20-25 minutes.

8) Honey for burn relief

Honey, with its ability to combat inflammation, bacteria and help restore moisture works as a soother to reduce burning of skin and wounds. The thickness of honey protects the burn and hence does not need any cover.
The easiest way to use honey to fight burns is by rubbing a little honey on a burnt area and let to sit till the sensation gets better, before washing away. This can be reapplied.

9) Honey as a conditioner

Honey keeps the hair shiny and well cared for. Honey diluted with water after shampooing can work as a conditioner which will keep hair shiny and happy, giving a well-cared look.

10) Honey as a lip balm and scrub

Honey is a great moisturiser to bring back hydration to dried of lips.
Honey and sugar can even be used to make a scrub to rip off dead skin.

Wondering Where to Buy the best Natural And Pure Honey ?


Best Organic Honey


Fresh honey can be used in a multitude of other ways. However, it is important to use the best quality honey to get maximum benefit out of its usage. The honey available at Agamya organics is honey which will aid you in getting all of these benefits and more.

We have honey available in four flavours, raw honey, raw and natural berry honey, tulsi honey and raw and natural jamun honey. Each of these can be used to your preferred taste and for similar purposes. For example, the tulsi honey could be your morning beverage giving you the goodness of tulsi, and honey to kick start your day perfectly.

Our Tulsi honey is produced from the tulsi cultivation in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. Tulsi honey is full of anti-inflammatory properties and is said to be helpful in curing a variety of diseases and disorders. It enhances immunity, also helps lower inflammation and supports the heart. It is beneficial in cold, cough and fever. It also lowers inflammatory bowel conditions.

Agamya’s Jamun honey is produced from the forests of Uttaranchal, India. This Jamun Honey is not infused and is extracted straight from the Jamun fruit tree by hard working bees. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. With its mild and sweet flavour, the Jamun Honey is often known to calm the mind and completely relax the body. 

The brand which interferes the least with honey is the healthiest. However, different kinds of honey have different health benefits for them. We at Agamya Organics bring the natural and pure honey for you ensuring you get nothing but the best. Buy yours now!

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