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About Us

Why Agamya Organics

Agamya is inspired by my very personal journey of increasing my family’s well-being. Introducing organic food in our daily lives has helped us become healthier, lose bad weight, and get rid of illnesses and allergies, both big and small, inside and outside; giving us more energy to invest in meaningful pursuits. On this journey, the idea of sharing this sublime wealth with a larger community came to me, and with the knowledge I gathered, a tiny seed called Agamya was planted.

AGAMYA is my answer to all these questions. While there will always be more questions, this is the first step: to bring a range of natural, organic-certified, grocery and gourmet products in a one-stop platform for those looking to live a nourishing, holistic lifestyle, and build immunity within. Together, we can bring truly positive change in our kitchens, our family plates, our lifestyles, our relationships, our well-being, and much beyond! We are, and will remain, a Zero compromise company, with a special focus on doing what is best for our families and our planet.

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What is Organic?

Organic food is the product of a conventional farming system which is natural, traditional and beneficial to our environment, empower communities and a holistic approach to production that is working towards environmental and ecological processes to nurture soil fertility. The agricultural systems rely on crop rotation, animal and plant manures, hand weeding and biological way of pest control.


Agamya Organics Health Corner

We want you fit and healthy always. Develop "Immunity Within"

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Scientifically Proven Benefits of Turmeric Powder

Everyone’s going crazy about turmeric latte but we’ve literally been drinking haldi doodh for God knows how long. As we’re...

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Castor Oil: Benefits, Uses, Home Remedies & More

What is Castor Oil?   Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant...

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Moringa Powder: Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Home Remedies & More

What is Moringa?   The moringa tree is native Himalayan Mountains in northern India and Nepal and is locally known...

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Virgin Coconut Oil: Overview, Benefits, Uses - Is VCO Better than Regular Coconut Oil?

In recent years, the popularity of coconuts, coconut oil in particular, has rapidly escalated because of tremendous health benefits. According...

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A2 Desi Cow Ghee - Is it Better than Normal Ghee and Cooking Oils?

What is A2 Cow Ghee?   Generally, cow milk contains two types of protein, A1 beta-casein protein and A2 beta-casein...

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Health Benefits of Masala Chai/Tea

India is the second-largest tea producer in the world and is known for its unique Masala Chai. Masala chai is...

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Kesar (Saffron): Benefits, Uses & Home Remedies 

What is Saffron? Kesar or Saffron is a spice extracted from a flower called Crocus sativus. Saffron is largely cultivated...

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Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits : Is Pink Salt Better

Pink Himalayan salt is a natural pink coloured salt which is mined near the Himalayas in South Asia. The salt...

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10 Health Benefits of Honey - Multipurpose ways to use Honey

How good is honey for you? Let’s find out more.   A magic substance which is the product of the...

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Proven Benefits and Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV )

Apple cider vinegar is declared a magic solution to all illnesses by the world wide web. However, most are unaware...

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Cold Pressed Oils are considered some of the best oils which contribute to boosting the immune system. The making is...

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No kitchen is complete without cooking oil. Used for sautéing, frying, baking, drizzling over vegetables for roasting or as salad...

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